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Meet the Team

TaosNet's staff features a range of unique individuals. With a low turnover rate, and an all local staff, you can contact the same individual year after year. He might even be your neighbor...

Meet the Team

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Web hosting, server administration, and programming company staffed by overqualified friendly programmers, systems administrators, and support technicians who truly like to help.

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Redundant Home Internet

Chris talks about implementing redundant internet connections with automatic fail over.

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Internet News

March Fiber Cut

Update: The fiber cut has been fixed as of Thursday (3/12) evening.

TaosNet is the only Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Taos County with multiple physical paths to Internet (See www.chileroute.com).

This allows TaosNet to not only provide internet in the event of an upstream failure, but also in the event of a fiber cut.

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Beware the Killer B's

Backhoes, bullets, and beavers. To hear our song about it, click the play button on the player below.

TaosNet - Better than Fiber

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Benefits of Being a TaosNet Subscriber

  • Quality customer support
  • Local Office with local personnel
  • Free email account with any access account
  • Small company with quick decision making
  • Flexibilty to adapt to our client's needs
  • And more...
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