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Redundant Home Internet Part 2

Part 2: Active-FailoverIn Part 1 I gave an overview of how to build a multi-homed home network. The first step in implementing it is to build an Active-Failover network using the following scheme:Note that the IP addresses for the Internet...more.

Redundant Home Internet

Part 1: Choosing an Implementation MethodI have two Internet connections to my house. This is due to the fact that the Internet is my business and I cannot afford to be without Internet. The reality is that things fail. The likelihood that two...more.

Animating a Logo

In an attempt to add flair to the TaosNet webpage, I decided that adding a simple animation to the logo would make it look a little better. You can see the end result here.I wanted to see if I could do it entirely in javascript using the HTML5...more.

Coding a Blog Part 2

When implementing a blog for TaosNet, it needed to be designed in a way that it is easy for other people to be able to read, modify, and easily understand.The following design decisions were made up front:Use MVC style code separation.A bunch of...more.

Coding a Blog

When tasked with implementing a blog for TaosNet, two options came to mind; use a third party, or code my own. WordPress is what I have the most experience with, so it was either WordPress or create one from scratch. I decided to roll my own for the...more.