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Email Transition

TaosNet will be changing it's spam filtering service.

Google is phasing out Postini in favor of their own Google Apps (GMail) service. Google does provide excellent services, and TaosNet did extensive research on Google's new offering and other alternatives. The decision to move the filtering service in house was made for various reasons. One of which is Google's Privacy Policy. Their definition and use of "details of how you used our [Google] service, such as your search queries" and "publicly" shared data can be a cause of concern for some who value stricter privacy policies.

TaosNet has decided to use an in-house system powered by MagicMail. This will allow us to better tailor features, and provide better support for our users. It also means that no third party hosting company will be involved for any data mining potential. More information on MagicMail can be can be found on their website.

A summary of the services provided are as follows:

This message covers a few items related to your account. First, it briefly covers the anti-spam technology used to block unwanted email. Second, it reviews the settings found in your mail settings. Third, it helps you get started with your webmail. Finally, it will go over the basic details on how to properly configure an external mail client.

1. Anti-Spam Features

Spammers (or junk emailers) are using more and more complex methods to send junk emails each day. To help combat this, the methods used to block these unwanted emails from your Inbox are becoming more numerous and diverse. However, MagicMail is designed to give you the maximum control over your mailbox. You now have the control over whether you want to receive messages identified as 'spam' in a special quarantine IMAP folder, or simply reject them right away and keep your mailbox clean. You also have the option directly in webmail of simply selecting a message that you no longer want to receive and clicking 'Block Sender' - or optionally, if there is a fringe case message in your Spam folder you can simply select it and click on 'Allow Sender' so that such message will be placed in your Inbox directly in the future.

2. User Management Interface

You will use the included web interface to manage your email settings. If you have just one email account, you will be able to use this web interface to add a forward, set an auto-responder, change your password, or customize your anti-spam settings.

Once you have logged in, you will see the menu on your left providing you with several choices.

  • Spam Management: Here you can modify your anti-spam configuration. CAUTION: You must be careful when making changes here or you may inadvertently start identifying email you would like to receive as spam. If you are unsure how to proceed, please email support at support@taosnet.com.
  • Email Options: Here you can modify your email options. You can forward your email to another address, or you can set up your vacation auto responder. Be sure to save your changes.

3. Webmail

If you have not used webmail before, you will find it extremely useful for the times when you are away from your normal PC and wish to send a message or check your email. When you use webmail to check your email, your messages will still be left for you to download to your local PC when you return, unless you delete them. This makes the system very handy for those occasions when you are not at your normal PC.

Once you log in to your webmail with your email address and password, you will see your messages displayed. Here, you'll be able to view, reply, and send new messages.

Don't forget to log out when you are finished with your webmail session.

While the webmail is based on the same system as TaosNet's current webmail (Squirrelmail), there are some custom plugins that allow for a better user experience. The two that are the most noticeable, are:

  • The Spam folder has been integrated into the mail server (no more logging in to another server to check your spam filter).
  • A calendar has been added to the webmail.

4. Demo

TaosNet plans on providing a portal to a demo page, so that you may be able to get a feel for the new system prior to it going into effect. Thanks for your patience and understanding.