Navigating the customer service and support menus of some internet providers can be disorienting. Like being upside down in a kayak in the middle of the Taos Box. With TaosNet, it’s pretty simple. If you need help, we’re right here to answer the call. Our crack team of experts will make sure you or your business are always up and running.

Sam Lambie

Network Engineer and Partner

Sam Lambie draws on his rock climbing skills to scale mountains, towers, and roofs to install the Access Points (AP) that provide wireless service all over Taos County. Much of the research, planning, and installing of these APs are Sam’s contributions. Sam is responsible for the expansive fixed wireless network that is the mainstay of Internet Access for many living in the greater Taos area. Sam is also an accomplished outdoor enthusiast.

Chris Batis

SysAdmin and Partner

Chris Batis, born and raised in Taos, received a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He uses his knowledge to help build the network and servers that make up the core of TaosNet’s access network. He also utilizes his interest in both playing and designing video games to improve TaosNet’s network for all gamers. In his off hours, besides video games, Chris enjoys playing tennis and basketball. He’s also the son of the now retired, founder of TaosNet, John Batis πŸ˜‰

Oban Lambie

Programmer and Partner

Oban is a Web Programmer, Database Engineer and Systems Administrator. He’s been the lead Systems Administrator for ISP’s, led development teams for startup companies, built the back end of enterprise level web sites, and is also the President and founder of our sister company, Brownrice Internet. And he’s Sam’s brother πŸ˜‰

Tim Eckert

LAN Technician

Tim can solve a wide variety of problems. He excels at both phone and in person tech support. He is also TaosNet’s primary network engineer for offsite client networks. He manages and supports several Windows based networks. He enjoys cultivating his garden, where he grows some of his own food, and being the father of a lovely young daughter.

Bryan Salazar

Field Technician

Bryan was born and raised in Taos. His brings several certified tools to TaosNet. His is certified in fiber optic cable splicing, a certified welder, several years electrical experience, and a professional certified father of four! He is also an accomplished team roper, big game hunter, and fisherman. He enjoys spending time with his family, as well as chasing the kids and roping them in for dinner time. He’s also Ronnie’s Uncle πŸ˜‰

Ronnie Salazar

Field Technician

Ronnie was born and raised in Taos. He strives for excellent customer service and high quality work while configuring things at your home or business. He also aims to provide our customers with the best internet experience possible. He is an avid hunter and outdoorsmen and is usually one of the first faces you meet when signing up for TaosNet.

Patricio Martinez


Born and raised in Taos, Patricio has worked in tech support since high school. He brings his years of experience and provides professional and friendly service to our TaosNet customers. Well-rounded and with a customer service first attitude, you can find him in the office or occasionally out in the field. As someone with many hobbies, he enjoys spending his time doing anything from leatherworking to skiing.