My Apple mobile device cannot send mail

Before leveraging the vast resources available from Apple to it’s minions (, make note of one helpful hint from TaosNet…

Although iOS displays the Outgoing Mail Server’s fields of Username and Password as Optional, in grey text, nearly every server worldwide requires those to be filled in. So, hunt and peck your complete email address for Username and your email password for Password.

Should I setup my email as IMAP or POP?

Yes, everyone using a TaosNet email should use either IMAP or POP. People using multiple devices to access the same email should generally use IMAP. People concerned about maintaining a copy of their email, for legal/etc requirements, should learn more specifics to ensure they meet those needs, but might prefer POP.

What are my email server settings?

When configuring your email program to check mail, in addition to your User name and Password, you will need to specify the following mail servers inside your email program.

Incoming Mail Server

Username: Full Email Address (i.e.

Outgoing Mail Server
Port: 587

Use Authentication (same credentials as Incoming Mail Server)