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When configuring your email program to check mail, in addition to your User name and Password, you will need to specify the following mail servers inside your email program.

Incoming Mail Server
Server: mail.newmex.com

Username: Full Email Address (i.e. myemail@taosnet.com)

Outgoing Mail Server
Server: mail.newmex.com
Port: 587

Use Authentication (same credentials as Incoming Mail Server)

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Yes, everyone using a TaosNet email should use either IMAP or POP. People using multiple devices to access the same email should generally use IMAP. People concerned about maintaining a copy of their email, for legal/etc requirements, should learn more specifics to ensure they meet those needs, but might prefer POP.

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Before leveraging the vast resources available from Apple to it’s minions (https://support.apple.com/en-al/HT201320), make note of one helpful hint from TaosNet…

Although iOS displays the Outgoing Mail Server’s fields of Username and Password as Optional, in grey text, nearly every server worldwide requires those to be filled in. So, hunt and peck your complete email address for Username and your email password for Password.

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STEP 1 – Click on Settings on your iPhone or iPad

STEP 2 – On left-side panel, scroll down to select “Mail”, and then on right-side, select “Accounts” and then “Add Account”.

STEP 3 – Select “Other”

STEP 4 – Click on “Add Mail Account”

STEP 5 – Enter name that you want on the account. For Email, enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS. Enter your password. Enter a description that you want to identify the account. Click Next.

STEP 6 – In the Incoming Mail Server section, enter mail.newmex.com as the Host Name. Enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS for User Name. Enter your email password again. Repeat with the same information for the Outgoing Mail Server. Click Next.

STEP 7 – Click Save and Voila! You are now ready to send and receive mail on your iPhone/iPad.

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STEP 1 Download and install Thunderbird, if you haven’t already.

STEP 2 – Open Thunderbird and then click on “Local Folders” and then “Email”

STEP 3 – Enter Your name; Full email address; and your password. The Remember password is checked by default. Click Continue.

STEP 4 – By default the server name will default to the extension of your email address (in this case mail.taosnet.com). Click on Advanced config.

STEP 5 – Edit the Server for both Incoming and Outgoing servers to be mail.newmex.com (if you are setting up email with newmex.com extension, you won’t need to edit the server). Edit your Username to be the FULL EMAIL ADDRESS. Click done.

STEP 6 – Voila! Your email account has been successfully been set up!

STEP 7 – In order for the server sub-folders to be synced to your Thunderbird, you’ll need to quit Thunderbird and then restart it. Once you do that you should have the sub-folders (Drafts; Sent; Spam; Trash)

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STEP 1 – Click on the Mac Mail icon in your toolbar and then click on Mail > Preferences

STEP 2 – In Accounts click on the “+” sign at the bottom of the left-side pane

STEP 3 – Select “Other Mail Account…” and click Continue.

STEP 4 – Enter the Name you want to appear on the account. Enter Email Address and Password. Disregard the “Unable to verify account…”, and click “Sign In”.

STEP 5 – Enter your Full Email Address in the Username. Enter mail.newmex.com in both the Income and Outgoing Servers. Click Sign In.

STEP 6 – Voila! Email should now be set up and you can start sending and receiving email in Mac Mail.

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Yes! Go here to access your email via webmail: https://webmail.newmex.com

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