What router options do I have with TaosNet?

Unlike nearly all other ISPs we provide a free router with Wifi capabilities for all new TaosNet customers. These routers provide decent Wifi coverage within small homes. However, for homes of any size, or for customers with our faster plans, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your Wifi to our TaosNet Blast Managed Wifi 6 router….

TaosNet Wifi Routers

TaosNet Blast Managed Wifi 6 Router ($14.95 per month)

Our Blast Managed Wifi 6 router provides amazing speeds and Wifi 6 coverage throughout your home. Additionally, it comes with Parental Controls, which allow you to block access to types of websites (i.e. adult content) on the internet, disable devices from accessing the internet as you see fit (“kids, time to eat dinner! *turns off kids phones internet access to speed up the come-to-the-diner-table process*) and Active Security Protection, which detects and blocks threats and attacks the internet and from devices on your home network. We’ll replace this router free of charge if it fails for any reason other than physical damage (i.e. If you drop it, or spill water on it, you pay for a replacement at $299.) And unlike third-party routers we’ll gladly help you via our support line and email if you are having issues with it.

TaosNet Mikrotik Free Router with Wifi (free)

Our free Mikrotik router – which is something that no other ISP that we are aware of provides – is a great little router for basic wifi coverage in very small homes. It’s also suitable for our lower speed plans. It comes with 5 ethernet ports which allows you to directly connect other devices to it. For example, if you have a third-party Wifi system that you’d like to use you can plug it into one of the ethernet ports on this Mikrotik.

Other Wifi Systems

There are literally thousands of wifi systems to choose from (we’ve found most aren’t very good) and you are free to purchase and plug those into our one of the available network ports on our Mikrotik routers. Just beware that we can’t help you set it up or help diagnose problems with Wifi or other networking devices that you add to our network.

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