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How do I check my SPAM?
Login to Webmail. Once logged in, you can see your Spam quarantine in the spam folder.
What speed or service do I need for NetFlix?

According to Netflix at How Does it Work?, you need a minimum of 0.5Mbits per second. Due to customer feedback, we feel a more real world minimum is 1.5Mbits per second for fullscreen quality entertainment. We have named this service Taos-Flix. HD streaming requires at least 5Mbits per second and can be achieved through our t-Max services.

How do I send mail on my iPhone/iPad thru TaosNet?
Set your Outgoing mail server to: smtps.newmex.com
Port: 587

Use authentication

What is my WiFi Password?
Often times, the WiFi password will be taped onto the router. If that is not the case, please give us a call at 575.758.7598 and we can retrieve it from our records.