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Or, sometimes techies need to know the DNS IP addresses:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
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The first thing to do when you can’t connect to the internet is to power cycle all of your equipment. This is fancy for “turn it all off, then turn it all back on.” Including your computer. If you call us this is the first thing you we are going to ask you to do as it fixes 80% of all issues.

For TaosNet wireless customers this usually means you’ll want to unplug the power cord to your wireless router and the power cord to your antenna and make sure the lights are off on both. Then wait about a minute, then plug them both back in. Then restart your computer. If you still can’t get online then give us a call. 575-758-7598

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No, never. Well, almost never. OK, the only time it’s ok to reset your router, is when you have specifically been told by TaosNet that it is ok for you to reset your router. Otherwise, no.

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Our 4mbps download plan will let you surf the web and send email very quickly. It’ll also be good enough for one person to stream high-quality video, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc. at a time. However, it usually isn’t enough bandwidth for HD video nor is it enough bandwidth for more than one person to watch streaming video at the same time.

As a general rule you need about 8mbps download to stream HD video per person. So if you have two adults and three teens (<- heavy users!) in the house, who all might use their own computers and devices to stream video at the same time, then you’d probably want our 32mbps download plan.

Keep in mind that you can upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth plan any time. So you might start off slow and upgrade as needed.

See all of our plans here.

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Our hosting is provided by our sister company, Brownrice Internet. We share internet pipes and a big, green, datacenter. Contact them and they’ll get you setup on a screaming-fast server ASAP.

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Call us at 575-758-7598

Email us at

Stroll into our office at 201 Camino De La Merced, Taos NM

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When configuring your email program to check mail, in addition to your User name and Password, you will need to specify the following mail servers inside your email program.

Incoming Mail Server

Username: Full Email Address (i.e.

Outgoing Mail Server
Port: 587

Use Authentication (same credentials as Incoming Mail Server)

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Yes, everyone using a TaosNet email should use either IMAP or POP. People using multiple devices to access the same email should generally use IMAP. People concerned about maintaining a copy of their email, for legal/etc requirements, should learn more specifics to ensure they meet those needs, but might prefer POP.

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Before leveraging the vast resources available from Apple to it’s minions (, make note of one helpful hint from TaosNet…

Although iOS displays the Outgoing Mail Server’s fields of Username and Password as Optional, in grey text, nearly every server worldwide requires those to be filled in. So, hunt and peck your complete email address for Username and your email password for Password.

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Yes! Go here to access your email via webmail:

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